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PC8 mailed in application

Applying by post – PC8 Child renewals only


Please read the photo guidelines carefully - photographs that do not meet the Australian standard is the biggest issue we face in processing applications. There are also guidelines for camera operators that you may wish to give to the person taking the photographs. We also encourage you to request the JPG file of the photos which we may request if the printed photos are not to specification.


Child passport renewal applications (PC8) can be mailed-in provided the applicant is:

  • aged up to 15 years old; and
  • has held a previous passport.

If you can answer yes to the above, complete a PC8 passport application online.

For first-time child applications and applicants aged 16 or 17, the application must be lodged in person by appointment only.

Where the child’s previous passport has been reported lost or stolen, please contact the Embassy for additional requirements. 

Urgent Travel

If you have urgent travel, please contact us (01 664 5300 or [email protected]) for further advice.

If you don’t meet these criteria, you’ll need to book an appointment to lodge your application in person.

Supporting documents 

Mailed applications for a child must include:

  • a completed application form - see How to get a child passport | Australian Passport Office ( which has a link to completing the PC8 fom on-line which you then need to print out. 
  • copies of both parent’s identity documents (these do not need to be certified unless there has been  a name change - see below)
  • copy of proof of both parents address
  • at least 2 photographs taken to Australian specifications, one of which has been correctly endorsed by the guarantor (see approved guarantors) - do not attach the photos to the form, leave them loose in the envelope
  • completed payment authorisation form Payment will be taken in AUD. You can view our passport fees HERE.

Where there is a change in parental circumstances, or there is supporting documentation for an application that was not provided in the previous application, certified copies must be provided.

Guide for a child renewal passport application (PC8) by mail

1. Complete your renewal application form online 

  • The application must be lodged within six months of completion

2. Photos

  • Include minimum two passport photos, less than six months old. Refer to photo guidelines for more information. 
  • The back of one photo must be endorsed by the child’s guarantor, writing ‘This is a true photo of [the child’s full name]’ and signed in black pen
  • DO NOT attach the photos to the form as this may damage them

3. Parents proof of identity

  • Good quality photocopies of both parents’ identity documents that show their name, photo, signature and current address (i.e. both parents or those with parental responsibility for the child who signed section 17 on the application form)
  • Name changes: If the current names of either parent are different to how they appear on the child’s birth certificate, please include certified documents that explain the change of name.

4. Print the application form 

  • Print the child renewal application on plain white A4 paper, using blank ink only. Make sure the form has been printed in full and isn't cut off at the top or bottom of the page.
  • US standard letter paper or US legal paper sizes are also acceptable, but only if they’re scaled properly. Refer to more information on printing your application form.

5. Signing the application form 

  • Sign the form using black pen, within the signature box. The entire signature must be kept inside the white box provided on the form. If they are not, we can't process the form and the application will be delayed. Make sure there are no alterations or whiteout on the signature or the date.
  • All signatures must be dated within six months of lodgement.
  • Children 10 years or older must provide a signature unless there is a medical reason or disability that prevents them from signing.
  • Do NOT alter any signatures or the dates. Do NOT use white out on any part of the application form. If there are errors on the application or it was dated more than six months before lodgement, you will need to reprint the form - taking care to sign and date it appropriately.

6. Guarantor

  • A guarantor must sign section 11 of the application form. Remember the guarantor must also endorse the back of a passport photo by writing ‘This is a true photo of [the child’s full name]’ and signing in black pen.  See approved guarantors

7. Consent 

  • Parental Consent is required for a child passport.
  • Everyone who’s giving consent must sign section 15 of the form in front of a witness.

8. Payment 

  • Complete the payment authorisation form PDF You can view more information on Passport Fees here 

9. Check the child renewal checklist

  • Before posting, please make sure to check the child renewal guidelines here 

10. Post your application

  • Post your application here:

Passport Office
Australian Embassy
Level 3
47/49 St Stephen's Green
D02 W634

11. How long will it take?

  • Please allow a minimum of eight weeks to receive a new passport once payment has been taken.
  • PLEASE NOTE: incomplete applications will be returned.

It is important that you:

  • Do NOT send your application by courier service
  • Do NOT hand-deliver your application to the Embassy - but it can be left with the ground floor reception in a sealed envelope
  • Do NOT fold your application, and use an A4 envelope
  • Do NOT use staples, paper clips or anything else that may damage your photos