Australian Embassy

Pc7 mailed in application

Applying by post – PC7 Adult renewals only


Please read the photo guidelines carefully - photographs that do not meet the Australian standard is the biggest issue we face in processing applications. There are also guidelines for camera operators that you may wish to give to the person taking the photographs. We also encourage you to request the JPG file of the photos which we may request if the printed photos are not to specification.


For a renewal, you must be 18 years and over and you will need a passport that:

  • was issued when you were aged 16 or older
  • was issued on or after 1 January 2006
  • had, when it was issued, at least two years’ validity
  • has your current name, date of birth, place of birth and gender, and
  • has not been reported lost, stolen, or cancelled.

If you don’t meet these criteria, you’ll need to book an appointment to lodge your application in person.

Replacement passport applications (ie due to minor water damage or full visa pages) are ineligible for This service.  The application must be lodged in person.



To complete your PC7 adult renewal click  HERE


Supporting documents

You must provide the following:

  1. completed renewal application form, dated within six months of lodgement, checking that:
    1. Section 5 of the form is signed and dated
    2. Your signature is kept inside the white box with no alterations or ‘whiteout’ on the signature or the date
    3. Your application form is valid, make sure your review the expiration date at the top of form
    4. Your form is printed correctly with no sections missing or cut-off
    5. Your place of birth is exactly the same as your previous passport
  2. completed payment authorisation form HERE, payment will be taken in AUD. You can view our passport fees HERE
  3. Two Australian standard passport photos, less than six months old, with your full name written on the back of one photo
    1. You can refer to our photo guidelines
    2. Do not attach the photos to the form, leave them loose in the envelope
  4. Applicants do not need to provide their original Australian passport when submitting a PC7 application by mail 



It is very important that your signature is included on your application in strict accordance with the guidelines. 

Your entire signature must be kept inside the white box provided on the form. If it is not, we can't process your form and your application will be delayed. 

Your signature must be dated within six months of lodgement and must be in BLACK INK. If it is not, we can't process your form and your application will be delayed. 

Do NOT alter your signature or the date. Do NOT use white out on your signature or the date. If there are errors on your application or it was dated more than six months before lodgement, you will need to reprint the form - taking care to sign and date it appropriately. 


It will take a minimum of eight weeks to process your passport.

Incomplete applications cannot be processed and will be returned to you, further delaying the process.

Urgent travel

If you need your passport in less than six weeks, you may be eligible for an Emergency Passport.   Evidence of urgency (i.e. travel itinerary, visa appointment confirmation or letter for your employer) is required and you will need to lodge in person.


When you’ve completed your application, send your application by An Post Registered to:

Passport Office

Australian Embassy

Level 3

47/49 St Stephen's Green


D02 W634

It is important that you:

  • Do NOT send your application by courier service
  • Do NOT hand-deliver your application to the Embassy - it can be hand delivered to our building reception
  • Do NOT fold your application, and use an A4 envelope
  • Do NOT use staples, paper clips or anything else that may damage your photos.