Australian Embassy

Travelling to Australia

Travelling to Australia

Reminder to dual national Australian citizens 

Dual national Australian citizens are reminded that they’re required to enter and leave Australia on an Australian passport.  Dual nationals travelling to Australia on a foreign passport may experience issues and  delays, for example airlines may not allow an individual to board a plane to Australia without an Australian passport.  Further information can be found on multiple Australian government official websites at:


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Citizenship and Visas

Information on Australian citizenship and visas may be found in the Connecting with Australia – Visa and Citizenship.

The Australian Embassy in Ireland does not process visa or citizenship applications.  Staff at the Embassy in Ireland are unable to assist with visa enquiries. All non Australian citizens need a visa to eter Australia apart from New Zealand Citizens who do not need a visa to enter Australia. 

The Department of Home Affairs has a Global Service Centre to assist with enquiries relating visa and citizenship requirements to Australia, please visit for any visa, migration or citizenship enquiries, you can also call the Global Service Centre line on +61 2 6196 0196 and services are available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (GMT, local client time).


Plan your trip with, the official Tourism Australia website, offering a wide range of travel information and planning tools including over 2000 images, a currency converter, daily weather updates, interactive maps, suggested holiday itineraries, holiday deals, specialist travel agents and more. Available in nine languages.

Tourist refund scheme

The Tourist Refund Scheme enables you to claim a refund, subject to certain conditions, of the goods and services tax (GST) and wine equalisation tax (WET) that you pay on goods you buy in Australia.

New arrivals

A gateway to information ranging from citizenship, health, settlement help for migrants, working conditions to buying a home in Australia.

Customs and Biosecurity

The Australian Customs Service manages the security and integrity of the Australian border and assists people and cargo to move in and out of the country.

Information for international travellers. Information about what items must be declared for inspection, what happens if you fail to declare or dispose of any biosecurity items or make a false declaration, what happens to siezed items and what can't be mailed to Australia.

For more information on Biosecurity matters, including what you can and cannot take to Australia please click here.

Foreign embassies and consulates in Australia

Alphabetical list of Embassies by country

Alphabetical list of Consulates by country

Jobs in Australia

This Australian mission is not able to assist people in finding employment in Australia.

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Australia in Brief- an introduction to Australia by Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  

Health agreement

For Irish visitors:

Australia has a reciprocal health agreement with Ireland. Irish residents visiting Australia (including those on the 12 month working holiday visa) may use the public health system for any immediately necessary treatment during their stay. The health agreement covers any ill-health or injury occurring during the stay that requires attention before returning home. For further information see the Australian Government's Department of Health and Ageing website.

For Irish students:

Irish residents in Australia on student visas are not covered by the Agreement. They must be insured with the Overseas Student Health Cover, an inexpensive Government scheme for foreign students.