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Anzacs in Ireland

"Wattle Among the Shamrocks*"

Australian War Graves in Ireland

A number of Australian (and New Zealand) service personnel of the First World War and some of the Australians serving in Allied forces are buried in Ireland or died in the seas off Ireland and whose bodies were never recovered.  We have included all those that are buried in and were lost around the island of Ireland.

This page provides information on who they are, where they are buried or how they were lost at sea.  Each image is a link to a biographical page that contains text and photos about each person.  We are most grateful to Professor Jeff Kildea who spent countless hours researching each invidivual and has written about this in his book "ANZACS and Ireland".  Special thanks also to Cathy Sedgwick who has also spent countless hours researching the lives of those that lost their lives fighting for Australia and died while in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

* Name of the Chapter in Jeff Kildea's Book "ANZACS and Ireland"