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While an election has not been officially called, you can prepare!

The AEC has a very helpful online guide if you are going overseas for a holiday, few years or indefinitely:

In summary the three main categories that Australians find themselves while overseas and wanting to vote are as follows:

  • If you are going overseas for a short period of time and plan to return to your address in Australia you may still enrol and vote
  • If you are overseas and are intending to return to Australia within six years you can register as an overseas elector
  • If you are moving overseas indefinitely, and do not intend to return to Australia, you need to submit an overseas notification form (see link above).  Your name will be removed from the electoral roll and you will not be able to vote in any federal elections held while you are overseas. Should you return to Australia to live permanently, you may re-enrol after you have been at your residential address for a period of one month.

Unfortunately, the Embassy is not able to process AEC applications, or answer questions about your enrolment, or the electoral process. You can however, contact the AEC direct:

Phone: +61 2 6160 2600


The Embassy traditionally opens a pre-polling centre two weeks before the polling date in Australia. We expect this to be the case in the 2019 federal election. Unfortunately, nothing can be confirmed until the election is actually called and the AEC and the Embassy agree planning arrangements.

If you follow the steps at the top of this page, you will automatically be sent a postal vote directly from Australia to your Irish, or other address.

This page will be continually updated with information as it becomes confirmed.